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You have the Qualifications, but do you have the skills?

Having a qualification is only one aspect of being employable. Potential employers want to know that you can function effectively in the workplace. What will they be looking for?

1. Communication skills
Employers look for people who communicate well both verbally and in writing, meaning you can get your messages across with less chance of misunderstanding.

Listening is an essential requirement leading to fewer mistakes and a greater understanding of employer and client needs. Active listening skills involve not only hearing but gaining and understanding information.

2. Critical thinking skills
Decision making and problem-solving require gathering reliable information, evaluating the data for various solutions, and selecting the most appropriate option based on the criteria and situation.

The ability to solve problems and make decisions can be a massive asset to your employer, and these are desirable skills to develop.

3. Interpersonal skills
Interpersonal skills are the skills we use to interact with other people. Good interpersonal skills allow you to participate effectively as a team member, satisfy customers and clients’ expectations, negotiate, make decisions, manage your time efficiently, take responsibility, and work effectively with other employees.

4. Presentation skills
Presenting information clearly and effectively is a critical skill in the workplace and presentation skills are required in almost every modern employment area. Information can be presented not only in formal presentations, but also as notes, reports, research findings, business plans, scenario planning, risk assessments and strategic documents.

5. Numeracy skills
Numeracy skills are critical, irrespective of whether you consider a job to be “working with numbers”. Having competence and being confident in working with numbers is a skill that can be used to your advantage in a wide range of employment settings. Being able to understand and analyse data in different formats is considered an essential skill in many organisations.

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